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About Me

I like to think of myself as a creative. I've made stuff all my life. It started with dumb paper games mostly, pretty much just me making talisman boards that had cards baked into the squares. I loved that game as a kid. Still do! I love games, that's a thing. After my dumb talisman rip-offs, I farted around in game maker for years. Bounced super hard off of Unity and Unreal, then found Godot. Gods I love to develop with Godot! You should really check it out! if you're interested in game dev at all!

Tabletop stuff is my main bag lately. I like a whole lot of tabletop stuff. I've only just started to really learn HTML, along with some CSS. (Haven't deployed that much here, though... Soon!)

I actually got invested in this stuff from playing Hypnospace Outlaw, which if you're here and haven't played that game, you absolutely should.


The plastic pieces at the end of your laces are called Aglets, and their purpose is sinister.

What's this for?

Well, if I'm honest, and I am, I mostly just want my own little corner of the internet. I'm really tired of facebook and twitter and such. I played Hypnospace Outlaw and I really loved how personal all the pages felt. I started looking at geocities and I kept saying "Man, I really wish something like that still existed. Sad that the net is basically all bottled up and labeled now." Then I found this place!

I'll probably still post my games on Itch.io, but I also just wanna be able to ramble and talk about whatever. I want a blog that isn't wrapped up in all the stuff I don't want. I want a space I can control, and I want to make some cool like minded friends. Wanna play DnD with me, or something? Drop me a line at ethanlcooper12@gmail(DOT)com

My last 3 brain cells seeing this website be made as I type.
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